Quick Jelly Recipe

November 27, 2017 2 Comments

What our customers and myself love about Roar Living's Cordials besides the fact that all ingredients are purely from botanicals is the numerous uses from just one bottle.

From two products, Roar Living - Wild Wild Strawberry and Nutra Organics Gelatin, jellies are easily made. Have a look at your local health food shop for Grassfed pure Gelatine, that added bonus for gut health! 

I chose to play a prank on my children yesterday afternoon, secretly wanting to use cups and saucers purchased from a buy swap sell page in Tasmania. 

The prank worked as this is our son's reaction thinking he was going to have a cuppa tea for after school snack. You have to fun with the kids, right?

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1 cup hot water

1 cup cold water

1/4 - 1/2 cup Roar Cordial

1 1/2 scoops Gelatine ( scoop comes inside packet )


1. In a 500ml plus capacity jug add gelatine and cold water, mix well.

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2. Pour 1/4 cup cordial then hot water, stir to mix.

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3. Taste the liquid. If you want sweeter add just a little bit more cordial.

Once your satisfied with the taste, pour into serving cups or bowl then straight into fridge. Sets in 45 mins.

I made it tad sweeter this time as I did not garnish with fruit, remember I was tricking our children:)

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Serving individually in cups or smaller bowls helps with portion control. For Christmas I may make trifle in these pretty cups. Now to choose which flavour to go with my theme?




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September 21, 2020

Just checked on their website and 2 scoops of gelatin = 10g


July 04, 2020

Not telling us how much gelitin to use is not very helpful as this brand of gelitin doesn’t even come with a scoop and even if it did people use different brands

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