Roar's Mission

Using simple, honest & good ingredients is the heart of what we do. No random numbers, no added colours, no nasty preservatives. Every cordial that we produce is 100% from Mother Earth, and we promise to keep it that way. 

Crafted with whole fruit
No nasties
Australian made
Did you know?

In the last 50 years alone, the amount of synthetic dye used in foods has increased by 500%!

That's an alarming increase! It really highlights the importance of reading labels and being informed about what we consume.

Our sustainability pledge

For our planet's future, we understand that is it essential that businesses champion eco-conscious practices. Every green step we take is a leap towards creating a better world. By embracing eco-friendly practices now, we can pave the way for a brighter, sustainable future.

My story

My story at Roar began with a mother's love for her children. I am Maria, the founder of Roar Living, a wonder Mum of 2, a talented chef with years of experience in the culinary industry and a genuine love for fresh, quality ingredients and yummy food.

I recognised the need for ingredient awareness when my daughter had a reaction to preservatives inside of not so innocent dried apricots. As my children grew, so did our need for healthier food options. I noticed there were no cordials (an Aussie family favourite) in the marketplace without any nasties, so I set out to produce the best tasting cordial for all families, free from harmful ingredients.

Our cordials are the perfect mix of convenience without compromise, making it simpler for busy families like mine to embrace a natural lifestyle without losing the deliciousness.

Cheers to you & living life naturally!

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100% Happiness Guaranteed!

100% Happiness Guaranteed!

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