Australia’s finest cordials - made using only the freshest Australian fruit and handmade with love on the sunny Gold Coast.

Roar’s cordials come in a range of six fresh flavours: Raspberry Jam, Plum Pudding, Cool Mint, Passion Power, Pineapple Paradise and Wild Wild Strawberry. We only use Australian sourced and grown fruit and it is our pledge to our customer that our products will never contain any preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, extracts, concentrates, artificial colours or flavours.

Add a splash of Roar’s cordials to a chilled jug of iced tea to cool down on a lazy Summer’s afternoon or freeze into iceblocks for the kids to enjoy a healthy, frosty treat. Add a drizzle to chia puddings to give them extra fruity punch or a generous dash to jellies for a satisfyingly rich flavour.

But don’t let the kids have all the fun! Roar Living’s ™ cordials also come into their own when the sun goes down and they are a sophisticated addition to any contemporary cocktail. Alternatively, they can be seamlessly substituted for SodaStreamTM syrups to use as your favourite mixer.

The entire Roar Living ™ range comes in 100 percent recyclable glass 500ml bottles.

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Here at Roar Living™ we're passionate about using ingredients that are sourced from nature, it is our lifestyle of daily eating. It was only natural for Maria to honour her heritage and vocation as a chef to create amazing and delicious cordials. Using ancient techniques of Persia, a sweet elixir 'Sharbat' known as cordial has continued traditions & custom of warm hospitality, offering yourself and or guests a refreshing drink. Each cordial is made with bountiful produce from Australia with the addition of herbs, flowers, spices & pods. 

Our range of jewel-hued, 100 percent natural cordials are all handcrafted, using the ancient processes of pressing, infusing, crushing, grinding and steeping.

These time-honoured traditions create unique and delicious cordials, jampacked with the sundrenched flavours of fresh Australian produce.
Roar Living has a range of six scintillating flavours to entrance and captivate your imagination.