Your Favourite Aussie Classic, Done Right.

No preservatives, no colours, no added nasties, just pure fruity cordial's everyone can enjoy.No added nasties, just pure fruity cordial's everyone can enjoy.

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Reviews From Verified Aussies

I bought this so that my kids wouldn’t consume massive amounts of sugar and they love the taste! It’s a win win for me

I love it. My grandchildren love it. I was wanting something that was free from additives for my grandchildren who are ADHD, and this is perfect.

Kids loved the flavours and mum likes the ㅤㅤno nasties added

This was the most loved flavour in our house, it was the first to be finished and when I went to order again our daughter requested two bottles

Love my kids can finally drink cordial that is not bad for them & full of colours & additives. Tastes really yum & will be great to make jelly too.

I’m now at the stage where I should just have a recurring order of 6 bottles every 2 months. This gear is the absolute bomb and combined with my SodaStream is the reason I was able to kick soft drinks.

Refreshing and a great way to drink lots of water!

Raspberry Jam is soo yum, & I love how it is coloured with actual raspberries not nasty colours Tastes amazing on chia pudding or ice blocks

Nothing to Hide, Just Goodness Inside

No Nasties
No colours, no flavours, no extracts, no additives. Simply pure fruity deliciousness the whole family will love!
No Preservatives
Our cordials are preserved with the power of PH science! Eliminating the need for nasty sulphites or artificial preservatives.
Plant Powered Flavour
We use whole fruit and spice ingredients, simmered low and slow to reach maximum flavour perfection.

Get Creative in The Kitchen

Our Philosophy? Whole Ingredients, Real Flavour

Roar cordials brings that delicious fruity hydration you love, using ingredients you deserve. We believe anything that is consumed should be made with whole food ingredients, so we did just that with our cordials.

To start we use whole fruit and spice ingredients, no reconstituted fruit juice or spice flavourings, 100% whole ingredients.

From there we mix all ingredients with a touch of love and let them simmer low and slow till perfection, this is where the flavour bomb is developed!

Roar cordials is for everyone, little and the big kids!

We made sure that our products are safe for anyone to have, from people with sensitivities to others that are simply wanting to give themselves the best!

Our cordials are not just great for fruity hydration but they are amazing to add to anything you can think of! From pouring over pancakes to making fruit punches, to ice blocks & jellies the possibilities are endless.

Evidence is mounting & it's clear that harmful ingredients, like food dyes & chemical additives, are impacting family health globally. We have heard it from our community & the risk of these nasty ingredients is real.

We are driven by the belief that real food comes from whole food ingredients, not from overly refined & potentially harmful substances.

Our unwavering commitment is to produce 100% clean products, emphasising wellness and sustainability, without ever compromising on taste. Simply put, we're dedicated to fostering a happier & healthier food culture one sip at a time.

100% Happiness Guaranteed!

100% Happiness Guaranteed!

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