Festive Fruity Punch recipe.

December 13, 2017

Have you tried Plum Pudding from our cordial range?

Davidson Plums are a native bush food, extremely sour, high in Vit C and of course high in antioxidants. Roar Living sources whole Davidson Plums directly from local growers in Northern NSW. Paired with quality cinnamon quills from Sri Lanka you have timeless classic, warm and spicy flavour with added benefits both from the plums and cinnamon.

Perfect to use for any occasion and especially at Christmas time. The smell and taste of Plum Pudding Cordial brings fond memories of freshly Baked Apple Pie and Plum Pudding.

Several tried and tested uses for Plum Pudding include:  

1. A chilled carafe of Sangria, made with semi dry light red wine, Plum Pudding Cordial to taste, top with sparkling mineral water, ice and garnish with fresh slices of oranges.

2. Tender stewed apples without any sugar, with a drizzle of Plum Pudding, dollops of custard are always welcome.

3. Cooked porridge with a spoonfuls of Plum Pudding are a quick and tasty topping or perhaps Bircher Museli, Recipe here.


Easy bircher muesli recipe. From scratch muesli. Roar Living recipes.

4. Plain yoghurt is bought to life with Plum Pudding, seeds, nuts and seasonal fruit.

Natural yoghurt topped with seeds, nuts and Plum Pudding cordial. Spices. Cinnamon recipe. Healthy yoghurt.

5. A customer sent us one his favourite drinks. Neat whisky with a dash of Plum Pudding.

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6. Dilute Plum Pudding Cordial place in ice block moulds with addition of cherries, grapes, chopped apple or blueberries.

7. Iced tea, brew rooibos, hibiscus or even rosehip, chill in fridge and flavour with Plum Pudding Cordial.

8. Hot chai, black tea, with or without milk, flavoured with Plum Pudding.

9. Ditch the chemical laden soda stream syrups and use any of Roar Living 100% natural Cordials.

10. Dilute Plum Pudding to taste, add dissolved good quality gelatine for a jelly treat.

11. Chia pudding layered with seasonal fruit with the addition of Plum Pudding, sprinkle with seeds and nuts for plant protein.

12. Pancakes or pikelets with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a drizzle of Plum Pudding.

13. Adult drink, add a dash of Stones Ginger Wine over ice, a tablespoon of Plum Pudding, top with bubbly water.

14. Dry white wine or Sparkling Wine is bought to life with a small addition of Plum Pudding.


Sharing with you, a new recipe.

Festive Fruity Punch.


100- 200mls Roar Living Plum Pudding Cordial

2 1/2 cups chilled still or sparkling mineral water

2 fresh oranges, juiced. Keep a few slices for garnish.

punnet blueberries

handful pitted fresh cherries



optional, edible flowers


1. Use sharp knife, take 2-3 pieces of orange rind, crush with hands or thinly slice to release essential oils and flavour. Please in 2L serving jug.

2. Juice 2 oranges with option to cut some segments for garnish, add to jug.

3. To start, pour 100mls Plum Pudding Cordial along with 2 1/2 cups still or sparkling mineral water.

4. Stir, taste. Adjust sweetness with Plum Pudding Cordial.

5. Top with ice, blueberries, grapes, cherries and edible flowers.

6. Serve and enjoy.

For an adult version, addition of 2 cups ( 500ml ) semi dry light red

I'm looking forward to sharing with you another new recipe, Cherry Cheesecake with Plum Pudding Jelly. For that it'll have to wait until after Christmas.




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