Cocao, Chia, Strawberry Pots

August 21, 2017

Saturday was one of those spontaneous get togethers at our house, Rugby Union was on. I already knew I was going to make the children jelly, using Roars Raspberry Jam Cordial, fresh seasonal berries & Nutra organics Gelatin bought from Sistermixin.

With little time to prepare any cakes or slices my eye caught a jar of chia seeds, my go to ingredient. I love chia seeds, packed with nutrients, easy to use, minimal cleaning up  and most importantly, takes on flavour. 

Similar to the jelly recipe I shared, chia seed puddings can be made ahead of time, garnished and ready to go. 

Shame I didn't have any chocolate, to melt, mix through chia seeds for an indulgent and decadent dessert.

Cocoa, chia seed pudding with fresh strawberries and raspberry jam cordial Roar Living. Clean, easy dessert. Additive free, preservative free.

RECIPE serves four


6 tbls chia seeds

500mls plant milk or diary of choice.

4 tsp cocao or good quality coco powder

Strawberries, chopped. Leave a few whole ones

Raspberry Jam cordial


1. In a bowl make a paste with a little of chosen milk and cocoa. Once incorporated, than add remainder of milk, mix well.

2. Add chia seeds.

3. Pour into individual serving dish or bowls.

4. Place in fridge for 1 hour.

To Assemble 

Place a dollop of chia, top with chopped strawberries and a 1tbl of Raspberry Jam Cordial. Repeat again to get layers. Garnish with a whole strawberry.

Simple desserts. Clean dessert. Chocolate cha strawberry puddings.

Our children have already requested that I make it again for afternoon tea this week. I may have to as I'm am still dreaming of that melted chocolate being mixed through. 

Would love to know what your go to easy dessert recipe is for those spontaneous gatherings.



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