Bircher Muesli. Super fast breakfast done in less than 3 mins

July 26, 2017

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Admittedly I don't eat breakfast, gasp...yes.

Naturally, my body informs me that it needs to be fed between the hours of 10 - 11.30am. Yes coffee is my liquid breakfast.

I do choose to eat something that will sustain me until late afternoon 'snack' time but mostly until dinner. 


There are rules then there are rules in 'cooking' or in this instance preparing. The best thing about Bircher is, YOU choose what you love as a topping. I know my body uses seeds & certain nuts to energise & sustain me. Sprinkled on top is a mix of linseeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds & sesame seeds. Whilst I was putting the ingredients away my eye caught a tiny glass jar of toasted flaked almonds which was left over from previous dinner, Chicken Biryani.

The base of Bircher Muesli is oats, apple & chosen liquid. Should you have extras in your pantry, like seeds, nuts, dried fruit or even powers like bee pollen, mesquite powder, hemp seeds & the likes then an added bonus.

I prefer to make the night before, especially when I know it is going to be one of those crazy mornings in the household, the kids choose what they want on top it with, Easy! Done! Winning! 

RECIPE: serves 3-4


1 cup oats

3/4 milk 

1/4 cream

1/2 - 1 apple grated OR pear


Place your oats in a bowl, add milk, cream along with grated apple, stir. Cover, place in fridge.

Just before serving sprinkle your chosen toppings. 

1 tablespoon mixed seeds

1 tablespoon sultanas

toasted flaked almonds

A drizzle of Plum Pudding Cordial makes your bircher even more delicious & tasty as there's the hit of cinnamon, Davidson Plums compliment either Apple or Pears.

Weather you choose to make first thing in the morning or previous evening there are 2 things I WILL guarantee.

First, you can whip this up before the kettle boils:) It THAT quick & easy.

Second, Bircher is absolutely delicious that even your children will devour.

Let me know what favourite toppings are.


BTW, I took mine outside, listened to the chatty birds, absorbed Vit D and warmth from our glorious winter sun. 



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