Iced Hibiscus Flower Tea with Cinnamon

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Timeless aromatic classic with distinctive warm spicy flavour of cinnamon used in Roar Living's Plum Pudding cordial.

Pair it with chilled Hibiscus Flower and you have that tangy, sweet with pinch of cinnamon yum.

It's a kinda sit-down moment as soon as that cool, sweet and tangy, true and pure flavour of Iced Hibiscus tea with that hint of cinnamon yum slides down your already dancing tastebuds.

Simply steep your premium Hibiscus Flowers in a plunger, steep for less than 5 minutes. Pour into serving jug and allow to cool.

In your tall glass, add some ice, splash a tablespoon of Plum Pudding cordial and pour chilled Hibiscus Flower over the clicking sounds of ice.










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