Healing Earth bags

reusable shopping bags. Eco friendly bags. Earth friendly bags. Hand crochet bag

As the population globally increases as do all pollutants that come in many forms as well as the material used. Each specific pollutant effects all living matter and the eco-system within it, including humans.

Did you know that plastics consistently make up 60-90% of all marine debris studied? Plastic eventually breaks down..say 450 years! When it does eventually break down it floats around in tiny particles. It will always exists.

We've all seen and been inspired or educated by the naturalist and pioneer         Sir David Attenborough. We can all make simple changes within home and work environment as well as everyday lifestyle to minimise our footprints and           Heal Earth.

Roar's cordial range is made traditionally as are Roar's entire range of hand crafted and made crochet bags.

Healing Earth bags come in two styles with various colours.

Mandala crochet pocket bags are compact that expand out. Practical to pop in your handbag, nappybag, glovebox or car boot for those unexpected lighter shops and  so very handy to have if you've forgotten total re-usable bag.

Crochet tote bags are roomy and perfect for medium grocery shop, an addition to farmers market bag and everyday lifestyle use.