Premium Tea Leaves

Tea has been a treasured elixir for centuries. Whether for taste or its potential health benefits tea is consumed daily and a daily ritual for some.

Did you know that most tea bags are made food grade plastic?

This plastic is called polypropylene and is not biodegradable, it never breaks down! Add hot water to a plastic tea 'bag' and that is what you're drinking...ewww no thanks. There are some commercial tea companies that do use plant and compostable tea-bags.

By replacing teabags with loose leaf tea, not only to you eliminate the use of plastic but you're drinking the steeped or brewed whole leaf, herb, flower or spice. Unlike teabags, loose tea you can steep or brew several times. The tea leaves in teabags are actually dust and fannings from broken tea leaves. They lose their flavour, taste and natural essential oil. You're basically drinking remnants of tea dust from the end of production along with some plastic.

Roar Living™ entire premium tea leaf range is packaged in 100% plant based and compostable bags. Hessian outer packaging doubles up as a re-usable grocery bag for items such as garlic, ginger, chillies or turmeric. 

We have chosen top three quality tea's to drink hot and or also make refreshing iced tea partnered with Roar Living cordials.  

Premium Earl Grey is a traditional black tea infused with either dried bergamot orange or bergamot essential oil. It has a distinct lemon-like citrus flavour. 

Hibiscus Flower, once steeped has a rich and vibrant ruby red and purple hue.  and is completely caffeine free with high Vitamin C and antioxidants.

Lemon Balm is renowned for its calming, relaxing  and soothing properties for the central nervous system. Fabulous tea to drink during the day and at night helps aid sleep and has a delightful citrus flavour