Turkish Delight Slice

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One of the most romantic, exotic and beautiful scent and flavour is rose. A flavour embraced and used throughout many nations. The key ingredient rosewater is traditionally used to make numerous desserts, sweets, drinks and even a refreshing face mist.

I've discussed many key ingredients of Middle Eastern cookery. To read click on photo below.

Persian food recipes. Key ingredients middle eastern food.

Rosewater is the distinctive flavour that we're most familiar with after you take a bite into a Turkish Delight. Squishy jelly like morsel coated in thin chocolate awaiting to delight the palate of its devourer with that anticipated and familiar taste of rosewater.

I re-created a giant Turkish Delight Slice for my husband's birthday 'cake' several years ago. 

There are three easy elements in making this mouth watering and morish Turkish Delight slice. I encourage you to involve your children.

This recipe was made in rectangle 33cm x 23cm dish and is suitable to make a day ahead

1. Measure out length of baking paper and line dish.

*HINT* scrunch paper then spread to shape.

Baking tip. scrunch baking paper then spread out to shape.



250gms Arrowroot biscuits

150gms butter, melted

3 tablespoons quality cocoa powder


1.Place arrowroot along with cocoa in food processor and allow to turn to fine crumb.

Making biscuits crumbs. Dessert recipe. Sweet slices. Party dessert

2. With machine on, pour melted butter and incorporate.

3. Sprinkle crumb mixture over lined dish and use back of spoon to flatten. Place in fridge to set.

Turkish delight recipe. Easy entertaining.



Jelly easy. How to make jelly. Allergen free jelly recipe. Children desserts.

Quality ingredients are the cornerstone of successful dishes. Rosewater can easily be found at any Middle Eastern or Indian grocery store. Usually the origin is Lebanon, Iran or India.

I chose to use Raspberry Jam cordial however Wild Wild Strawberry works well to. We've gone ahead and created a discount code as I do want you to make this recipe and other recipes that contain rosewater, found under each flavour below.

Use discount code: delight at checkout and hit apply to get 10% off.

Click on either photo to take you directly to product and ordering page.


As an alternative, look for the purest and best possible pomegranate juice.


There are many pure gelatines in the market now. I've been using Nutra Organics for a few years. Should you be ready to switch to a pure gelatine then in Australia look in the cake supply section of your local supermarket for Dr Oetker gelatine, it is pure. It is a product of Hungary. I've used previously.


1 cup hot water

1 cup cold water ( if your using pomegranate juice substitute water for juice )

1/2 - 3/4 cup chosen cordial or to taste

1 1/2 - 2 scoops gelatine (15gms per scoop)

4 tablespoons rosewater

I doubled this jelly as I wanted a thick layer, it is the hero of the slice.


1. Mix gelatine with cold water, stir with spoon (it will become thick)

2. Add desired amount of cordial and continue to mix.

3. Pour in hot water, stir to mix.

Jelly recipe. how to make jelly. allergen free jelly

4. Add rosewater. Check for balance of rosewater, add more if need to be.

3. Pour mixed liquid into already set base then refrigerate until set. usually 30-40 minutes.

easy jelly recipe. kids jelly. jelly slice recipe.



400gms finest pure chocolate

1/3 cup cream


You'll need to make a bain marie- small amount of water in pot with a clean dry bowl on top 

1. Break chocolate into pieces and place cream with it.

how to make ganache. ganache recipe. sweet toppings. garnishes for desserts

2. Over low heat start to stir chocolate and cream until it comes together.

It'll be shiny and simply indulgent.

melted chocolate. chocolate ganache. dessert recipes

3. Keep stirring off the heat to allow the temperature of chocolate to cool slightly.

4. Pour over set jelly, spread evenly with pallette knife and return to fridge to set.



Rose petals and roasted pistachio

*HINT* it's best to cut the Turkish Delight into portions before you garnish. The roasted, chopped and crushed pistachios make it a challenge to cut through.

Place handful of pistachios on a baking tray and roast for a few minutes.

In a motar and pestle, a rolling pin or knife, roughly chop pistachio.

roasted pistachio. cake decorating. pistachio 

Rose Petals are readily available at Middle Eastern or Indian grocery stores. They are a lovely garnish to complete and bring together sweets and drinks.

edible flowers. Rose petals. dessert garnish. turkish delight recipe 

After slicing Turkish Delight slice in portions, sprinkle pistachio and rose petals.

Place on serving platter.

turkish delight recipe. dessert ideas. favourite party sweet treats. exotic flavours

Sweet offerings. 

You won't stop at one.

turkish delight. easy turkish delight recipe. middle eastern dessert

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