Refreshing Iced Tea

November 28, 2017

It would have been late 1980's I tried my very first branded iced tea, Earl Grey with lemon. I loved it, so refreshing and the taste mmmmm. For some reason became unavailable.

2011, the year of planning Roar Living, we were to only release three flavours Cool Mint, Raspberry Jam and Plum Pudding. An aspect of research and development was to use the the cordials to make other drinks and use in food. 

Roar Living cordials make the best iced teas, weather you choose to hibiscus, rooibos, green tea, earl grey, rose and even lavender. My first successful experiment was Earl Grey flavoured with Cool Mint, it took me back to the 1980's where I tried that branded one but was ignorant on the actually ingredients.

It was not so long ago I was offered a refreshment and little did I know what it actually was, literally. This cool beverage had a horrible long lingering aftertaste. Needless to say I couldn't finish it, even to be polite. I got home and look up the ingredients.

Water, Sugar Tea Extract (4%), Food Acids (330. 331). Lemon Juice Flavour, Antioxidant (300), Natural Sweetener (960).

Hmmmm thoughts anyone?

Roar Living's version leaves a clean fresh, citrus flavour on the palate. I urge you to make your own to see why others as well us love it so much.

You can use either Earl Grey or Lady Grey tea leaves or bags. I personally prefer tea leaves generally. You can get 2-3 drinks out of leaves. Don't forget to compost your tea leaves.

Difference between Earl Grey and Lady Grey is Earl Grey is a little stronger in Bergamot and Lady Grey has lemon and orange peel in it and lighter in Bergamot flavour.


 Iced tea Recipe:

3-4 teaspoons either earl grey or lady grey

Roar Living Cool Mint Cordial

Hot water


Lady Grey tea leaves with cornflower, orange and lemon peel

Iced tea recipe. Homemade iced tea. Roar Living cordials. Natural Australian Cordial.


1. In a 1L capacity plunger pour hot water to fill.

2. Sprinkle tea leaves.

3. Allow to steep until cool.

4. Place in serving jug.

Optional, you can boil the kettle again and top up the tea leaves or simply fill your jug with cold water.

Homemade iced tea recipe. Lemon iced tea. Summer drinks. Natural cordials

To serve:

Add ice to a tall glass, pour about 2-3 tablespoons Cool Mint cordial, top with chilled tea.

Optional- Garnish with a slice of lime or lemon and fresh mint.

Extra brownie points of you use a sustainable drink stirrers;) 


Will you use Earl Grey or Lady Grey?






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