Passionfruit Cheesecake Recipe

August 14, 2017

It's never to late to change what isn't working. Referring specifically to the shade cloth that Matthew put up for me back in February 2013. 

Photo of our sustainable food yard, 2014.

It took some years to decide weather to plant grapes or passionfruit. Determined to find a grape variety suitable to Gold Coast climatic conditions as my family love grapes & I am not fond of sulphur dioxide sprayed on commercially purchased grapes:( I sadly found out later we don't have the appropriate climate to grow grapes successfully.  

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I did eventually replace the shade cloth with 2 varieties of passionfruit vine in 2016. It is natural, sustainable, rewarding, beneficial, it creates shade & food. The gift of mother nature giving enables me to share our harvest with others. Our children get excited to find ripe treasures. 

Saturday I chose to make two Passionfruit Cheesecakes with Savannah. We took one to a special family as an offering for inviting us to celebrate her sons birthday & one for us.  Also another offering taken to our sons best friends family, for inviting Fynn to his birthday. Click on link below to see via Instagram

Most commercial gelatines have the preservative 220. Chances are if your eating out & order a tempting cheesecake, that they have used a form of gelatine that has Sulphur Dioxide Preservative 220. If you are an asthmatic totally avoid. Other symptoms to look out for were identified in Friday News that was emailed to you. Please go to our blog for further in further should you have missed it.

When Sistersmixin started stocking Nutra Organics Natural Gelatin, I grabbed a packet. Made gummies that night & I was in love as was my family. I shared the recipe & method via Roar Living Facebook page

My love for the gelatine very different to my tribes. Finally a gelatine without any nasties. Nutra Organics gelatin is not only pure, clean & from grass fed Australian cows, it has the benefits of gut healing.

Passionfruit Cheese Cake | Cheesecake Recipe | Gut Digestive Health | Dessert



Line 21x 6 cake tin.

1x 500ml jug

1x dessert spoon

1x medium mixing bowl

1x electric mixer with bowl

1x large spoon



250gms plain biscuit, crushed. Bag & rolling pin does the job.

100gms melted butter

250gms cream cheese

75gms castor sugar 

100gms passionfruit pulp

1/4c Nutra Organics Gelatin 

1/2c cold water

optional mix 15gms gelatine powder with 100mls hot water. Stir to dissolve.

150ml cream

2 egg whites

25gms castor sugar



1. Crush biscuits & add melted butter. Stir butter through.Press into base of lined cake tin. Place in fridge

2. With your mixer, beat egg whites until medium peak then gradually beat in 25gms castor sugar until firm peaks ( bowl over head trick ) put aside :)

3. Place gelatine in jug, 'bloom' gelatine by adding water & mixing through until gelatine absorbs water. About 3-5 mins.

4. Add cream to 'bloomed' gelatine mixture. Mix until well combined. 

5. In medium mixing bowl, place cream cheese with 75gms castor sugar beat until mixed in. Save up on washing & use same beaters as eggs.

6. Add passionfruit to cream cheese mixture until incorporated. Then add gelatine mixture, mix well with passionfruit cream cheese.

7. Fold through egg whites evenly, so there are no egg white lumps.

Place in lined tin, pop in fridge until set.

Serve as it is or with sliced seasonal fruit. Very light, refreshing without feeling heavy. Well that all depends how much of a big slice you have.

A perfect dessert to make for any occasion.

Please drop me a line to let me know how much you enjoyed our cheesecake.

Sharing our recipes or information is always appreciated.








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