Middle Eastern Salads. Summer Salads

September 28, 2017

I've been mentioning in blogs consistently about mixed greens, Gan-nunch, meaning green in Armenian and as Persian Armenians we understand the word Sabzi ( Persian ) meaning mixed assorted herbs. It's the influence of Persians we have adopted some of their words, food and some culture. 

Good Persian restaurants will place small assorted plate with mixed herbs on your table. This is done in homes, daily eating. No salad dressing, no salt or pepper. Simply as is, raw and pure. When relatives or friends pop over, even to this day, a box filled with fresh herbs is cut and offered to take home. 

Living in the Gold Coast allows only two times a day to pick garden produce, very early in the morning preferable, or late in the afternoon. Picking in between the produce has wilted slightly from the sun. 

From my garden I picked, washed and dried Coriander, Persian Basil, Parsley, young Persian Leeks, Mint, Garlic Chives and Persian Tarragon. I bought the Radishes, the leaves are edible as well:)

Homegrown, garlic chives, mint, basil, leeks, parsley,

Salads that were on offer, Fresh Orange Salad with orange Blossom Water, Tabouli, Shirazi Salad ( cucumber, tomato, red onion ) They all compliment each other, refreshing, palate cleanser and most suitable for making throughout our upcoming summer.

Fresh Orange Salad with Orange Blossom Dressing

Fresh Orange Salad. Orange Salad recipe.

One of my favourite Salads.

I used about 8 fresh oranges, peeled,cut the segments out without pith and placed in serving dish.

Fresh orange segments without pith or skin. Orange Salad recipe


I squeezed the juice from each orange after I cut the segments, placed juice into glass, added 2 teaspoons of Orange Blossom Water, stirred. Dressing done, place in fridge until needed.

Fresh orange Salad dressing

On the day of event, I lightly toasted Flaked Almonds, picked and washed fresh Mint then cut plump Iranian Dates into quarters. My garnish is ready on a plate.

Fresh Mint, Dates, Almonds and Orange Salad with Orange Blossom Water Dressing.

To assemble simply drizzle your already pre-prepared salad dressing, scatter dates, mint followed by toasted flaked almonds.

This truly is a beautiful salad to have on it's own or as a side with bbq'd chicken or prawns. I love the fresh taste of mint but by all means parsley will work. 

Orange Blossom Water can be found at all Middle Eastern grocery stores. Check your labels just incase as all brands are different but the one I used does not contain any nasties.

Oranges are in the their peak at the time of blogging. With October long weekend plan this sale into your menu.


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