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August 06, 2017

To date at our family home in Ryde NSW, my parents grow produce throughout each season. As a child I loved the scent of fresh mint & seeing the swarms of bees when basil went to flower. The latter, even though we currently plant beneficial flowers, I seldom see many bees even here in the Gold Coast where my husband & two children now reside.

As an adult I held onto my strong foundations, family values of my upbringing in the 1970's, took with me throughout the various rentals in Sydney, my pots of culinary herbs.

Matthew & I had the opportunity to build our home. One thing we both knew & felt was to have a humble food forest. Besides the list of benefits from growing our own produce, it was important to us as parents to educate, teach our children where food comes from & get them involved. 

I look to nature for inspiration, weather it is flavours for Roar Cordials, lunch or dinner creation.

Strolling through our humble garden early Saturday morning saw bountiful cherry tomatoes that were bursting to picked, the carpet of parsley which I let self sow from previous season tugged at my heart to use. With the mere 2 ingredients which nature gave abundantly I knew what dinner was to be.

  fresh cherry tomato, home grown produce    homegrown parsley, fresh parsley

Fond memories still so very close to my heart, where as a very young child helping my mother pick herbs or shell broadbeans to make delicious Persian or Armenian dishes, the bonding time as mother & daughter is so special.

I asked our son Fynn, to help pick parsley & take stems off cherry tomato. The little hands, the conversation pulled at my heart string of the countless times helping my mother in every tiny way & precious time spent together.

      helping hands, herbs, parsley, tomatoes, garlic.

Besides weekly menu planning, I also find it much easier to prepare ingredients in advance. I personally like to get it done first thing in the morning. One less thing on my list. All you need to do is bring out from fridge & cook.

pasta, fresh, produce, tomatoes, parsley, garlic.

Matthew bought a packet of pasta which we have never used. Delighted to see there were no additives nor preservatives AND it was Australian, winning.


500 gms Pasta

2-3 punnet Cherry Tomato, washed.

6-7 Garlic Cloves, crushed.

1 bunch Parsley, picked, washed.

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Parmesan Cheese


1. Boil water & place pasta to cook. Usually 8-10 minutes.

2. On LOW heat add a drizzle of olive oil in frying pan with crushed garlic & gently warm.

3. Place half the cherry tomatoes in pan to warm, shake pan to coat tomatoes with garlic oil.

4. Strain cooked pasta but keep 1 cup of liquid

5. Add cooked pasta along with rest of olive oil, toss through.

6. Add the rest of cherry tomatoes, parsley & ensure all is coated with garlic oil.

7. Pour the 1 cup of reserved pasta liquid, let simmer until slightly evaporated. 

8. Serve with good quality parmesan cheese.

I chose to toast homemade breadcrumbs and mix some parmesan through it for a little crunch & texture. 

Family dinner, homegrown, sourced from nature, simple, no fuss, easy and of course YUM!







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