I gave our first born an innocent apricot and then.....

August 10, 2017

Reflecting back to my time line in life, specific experiences have bought me to where I am now. Collectively, experiences outlined below, upbringing, culture, values & chosen vocation is why Roar Cordials was born.

apricots, dried apricots. 

It was this day that changed my entire way of feeding my family. It was this day in 2006, heading home from mothers group, where I handed an innocent dried apricot to my 2 year old daughter, to keep her content until we reached home for lunch then sleep routine.

What eventuated was a little girl who after consuming that humble apricot reacted to what I discovered later preservative 220, sulphur dioxide!  Our daughter instantly had reddening around her mouth, which I thought was from teething but after her mid afternoon nap is where the real signs were. Hives covered her entire little body, sore & itchy. 

Perhaps this is the reason why, subconsciously from this experience, our now 12 year old will not touch dried fruit?

Learning from this experience, as a mum I have a responsibility to feed my family the very best I possibly could, I was responsible for their health & well being. I turned every product around to read labels, read & educated myself as well as my husband Matthew as to what was really in our food & what the numbers meant. There was no way I was ever going to be alarmed, frightened like that again nor was I going to feed my family numbers. The manufacturing companies are not to blame.  Being the main shopper in the household, I choose what to buy.  Any product with numbers had no place in our home nor did any products where I needed a translator. 

It did take me quite some time to buy dried apricots but it was going to be different this time. Organic dried Apricots without any preservative 220. Easier to find now, not so much back 2006.

organic apricots, dried organic apricots

Looking at both photos you can understand why one apricot may seem so appealing than the other. Bright orange colour makes it look so appetising as opposed to the dark, natural apricot. For this reason companies use many sulphites, these range from number 220-228.

Sulphites (220 - 228) are found in drinks, food & even some medications. 

Anyone buying dry potatoes or peas, gravy, sauces, fruit toppings, maple syrup, jams, jellies, bread, pies, gelatine, dried fruit, cordials, fruit juice, soft drink, tea, sausages, chutneys, vinegar, pickled vegetables, soups, cereal, beer & wine. You also need to check your fresh grapes as quite often they do state that it has been sprayed with sulphur dioxide!

Reactions can be mild through potentially life threatening. Some reactions reported are as follows: Asthma, chest tightness, coughing, digestive upset, diarrhoea, rashes, hives & tightening of throat.

My body does not agree with 220 either. I do enjoy a chilled Apple Cider on the odd occasion, rarely do I have more than 1. Within the hour I have a headache. White wine headache as well as hangover like tummy...not nice. As we eat clean our tolerances change. So be mindful that what you once ate without reactions may not be the case now.

Whilst sulphites serve the purpose of protecting against food deterioration the direct adverse reactions from consuming foods that contain numbers 220-228 is not worth health risks.        It is one preservative ( amongst others ) to be avoided. Many credible industry leaders will advise you to avoid. 

Read your labels, should you need to purchase a packaged food product please choose the best possible option. No Sulphites ranging from 220-228 & minimum numbers, preferably no numbers. One thing I never thought to check was medication, until I knew about about.

Share with me please the effects of consuming products that contain preservatives to yourself or family members. 






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