Emulsifiers & stabilisers

August 17, 2017

My purpose & intention of sharing factual Fridays is to encourage you to be aware & mindful of what your buying to consume & the possible reactions, to be able to spot the additives or preservatives that are unsafe to eat. Having an overall understanding of what is in our foods empowers you to transition to healthy eating & make better choices. It also gives you insight as why Roar refuses to use any form of additive or preservative.

There seems to be minimal noise about emulsifiers compared to the other additives or preservatives.  Case studies & research conducted, draw links to over consumption of emulsifiers disturb gut flora which in turn causes inflammation of the bowel. The job of the gut microbes is to fight off infection & resist allergies. The claim is that some emulsifiers wear down the guts protective mucus layer thus causing inflammation.

Emulsifiers and the closely related stabilisers are hard to avoid. They are found in everyday commercial foods. Jams, jellies, yoghurt, mayonnaise, salad dressings, ice creams, chocolate, frozen desserts, margarine, chewing gum, marshmallow, bread, cakes, hard lollies, gummy lollies, peanut butter, tofu, biscuits, baby formula, non milks substitutes fruit juice & cordials.


We all know the classic separation of oil & vinegar, yes? Manufacturers use many forms of emulsifiers as well as closely related stabilises for the duel purpose is to make food more appealing, appetising, to extend shelf life & to prevent the separation of the ingredients. Emulsifiers are all binding agents, to bring ingredients together, to prevent separation. 

Emulsifiers are highly processed most synthetically made some derived from petroleum. Pronouncing the names are a challenge yet alone finding the exact source from where it was derived. A decoder or translator comes in handy.

Pictured below  Passion Power Cordial, to show you that the passionfruit fruit juice is suspended within itself. As stated on the back of Roar Living labels 'shake before use'. There is absolutely no form of emulsifier or stabiliser in our range. 

Passionfruit | Passionfruit Cordial | Australian Natural Cordial Roar Living |

Thickeners, stabilisers, gums & gells range 400 to 495. Should you already have irritable bowel syndrome, gut sensitivity or digestive issues just have a look at what emulsifiers are in your prepared foods that you eat. It may well be that emulsifiers trigger your condition. 

400 - 418 are generally salts or seaweed extract

Carrageenan (407) is an extract from a red seaweed & whilst from a natural source, it is a controversial ingredient. There have been protests in various countries to remove it from 'approved' list of additives. Carrageenan is banned from infant formula in Europe by the recommendations of World Health Organisation & the United Nations.

Xanthan Gum (415) is a bacteria derived from the fermentation process of sugars found in wheat, soy, corn & milk. It has been advised that those who are react to wheat, soy, corn & milk to avoid. 

Lecithin is found both in eggs as well as soy. For those who have egg & soy sensitivities or allergies please avoid.

There is a plethora of information about emulsifiers and the possible effects. If you are going to purchase commercial food products pick the best possible ones on the shelf with minimal additives & preservatives. 

Making food at home from whole foods is always recommended. To help you transition from store bought salad dressings, next week I will share with you a basic salad dressing recipe where you can add garlic, herbs, mustards. I will share my video on Roar Living Facebook page how to make a basic mayonnaise as well. From that basic mayonnaise, similar to the salad dressing by adding herbs or garlic or even just a few more ingredients cocktail sauce for your seafood. YUM.

Pineapple | Pineapple cordial | Natural Cordial Roar Living |

Pictured above. Pineapple Paradise Cordial. Pineapple juice suspended both at the top & below. 

Next time you receive your bottle of Roar Cordial or see it on our stockist shelf, you will know why the fruit juice is suspended.

Seems all natural to me:)

To a healthier life.












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