Food Source, Know thy Farmer.

July 24, 2017

Meeting our suppliers can be a challenge, most times their farms are in remote areas of the country. I was however delighted at the opportunity to meet our Davidson Plum growers last Tuesday. At Roar we always try & source local, ethical as well as sustainable ingredients. 

Introducing to you Kris, Kim & Shadow from Plumtree Pocket Enterprises.

Kris was born into a family of farmers who had a livestock business in scenic Northern NSW. When their property was subdivided a section of the family land was kept, to this day Kris his wife Kim & two children live & work off their land.

As a teenager Kris had a strong interest in endangered plants of which Davidson Plums was one. Working alongside National Parks, Kris collected geno types of Davidson Plums from different locations to help with preservation, as well produced wine from wild Davidson Plums.

National Parks granted Kris approval to grow native bush food on his land. 


Kris & Kim have strong values & are passionate in all aspects of preservation of the land, indigenous bush food, ethical sustainable & farming practices whilst protecting the endangered bush food.

It makes us even more ecstatic to use their produce & create our Plum Pudding Cordial which is delicious when drizzled over cooked porridge, pancakes, pikelets, banana on toast & yoghurt. Some of our customers use Plum Pudding Cordial in their whisky, sangria & I love it as a quick chai instead of brewing my spices.



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