Authentic Mango Curry

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Surely when everyone in your family are incredibly fabulous cooks one of the children is bound to follow suit and make it a career, right? It's not just cooking the food it is the traditional methods and ways of growing your own food all of which I have chosen to adopt and teach our children and now yourself.

I'm ever so grateful my entire family are talented cooks, each person has learn't from their elders. Quite extensive cuisines as well. Being born in Iran as an Armenian, the strong influence and fusion of foods is quickly adopted. My maternal grandmother ( G G Ma ) relocated from Iran to India where she had a successful bakery. This is where I learnt to cook Indian.

My father ( Oscar ) learnt to cook Armenian and Persian dishes from his parents. He was also taught how to make vinegar, wine, preserves, pickles and ferments. 

Mum ( Odette ) was taught to cook from her mother (G G Ma) as well as my father's parents. 

G G Ma ( mum's mum ) has taught me Persian, Armenian and Indian dishes but also the skills and knowledge to make preserves, jams, chutneys, ferments, ayurvedic medicine and even cheesemaking. Thanks GG Ma.

Below G G Ma ( Great Grandmother ) either side my sister and myself with our children Savannah and Fynn. Spontaneous trip to Sydney June 2017.  My mum ( Odette ) and G G Ma on the right.

Traditional family.  Traditional methods. Traditional living

Both my father's sisters, amazing cooks who have also influenced, shared recipes ( Persian and Armenian ) and various methods with myself and family.

Mums two brothers, Uncle Eddie and Artoosh also amazing cooks. Infact my Uncle Artoosh also a chef, opened up his first Indian Restaurant in Neutral Bay, Flavour of India, followed by Flavour of India at Glebe and Edgecliff. He sold decades ago and now resides in Brazil with his wife and two children. 

As for me, on top of my knowledge in Persian, Armenian and Indian cuisine, formal training at The Rockpool, Bistro Moncur and Bistro Pave further enhanced my love for food in Asian and French cuisines. I still yearn to know and learn more so courses in traditional and authentic Thai cooking are always welcomed when we head to Thailand.

You will not find this Mango Chicken Curry recipe in any cookbook nor on the web. It is a recipe that has been passed onto me. Not only is it family friendly but you can batch cook the sauce and freeze. Those nights you couldn't be bothered or feel uninspired, simply defrost and add your chopped animal or plant protein.

For vegans, chopped firm tofu works really well. As does deveined prawns of firm white fish if you choose to use seafood. Please see step 7 as to when to add your plant or animal protein.

Being mango season, abundant and so cheap, how can you walk passed and not buy a tray of mangoes for $5 - $10! 

Onto the recipe..... have your spices and ingredients out and ready.

spices. Indian spices. Easy curry recipe

Mango Chicken Recipe


500-600gms sliced chicken thighs or breasts

1 medium onion, finely diced

3 cloves garlic, crushed

2 tbl grated fresh ginger

2 tsp black mustard seeds

1/2 tsp ground coridander

2 tsp ground turmeric

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

2 tsp ground cumin

3 chillies ( optional )

1 stalk and leaves curry leaf, ( dried use 8 )

3 mangoes pureed ( take flesh off seed, zero food waste )

270mls coconut cream or cream

lime juice

fresh coriander, garnish



1. On low heat with 3 tablespoon oil of choice gently fry onion without colour

2. Add black mustard seeds, stir.

3. Turn heat up slightly, add all dry spices. Stir.

Easy indian curry. Family friendly curry. Mango chicken curry.

4. Once you can smell fragrant spices, add chillies, chopped/sliced chicken, stir to coat.

mango chicken curry. Authentic chicken curry. Roar Living

5. If you haven't pureed your mangoes then do this now while chicken is slowly cooking.

Scoop out cheeks and get as much of flesh off seed, no food wastage. Add to pot, stir to combine.

pureed mangoes. Mango curry.

6. Place lid on and allow to simmer for 10 mins.

7. Put curry leaves on top of curry, place lid back on simmer further 10 mins.

If your choosing to use prawns, firm fish or tofu add this now.

 Medicinal herbs. Curries. Quick curry recipe

Your kitchen and home should smell devine. It's time to complete the dish.

8. Add coconut cream or cream, stir then add your lime juice from one lime. Have a taste first then add your salt and pepper. The lime juice is seasoning in itself. Hence why no salt or pepper added throughout cooking process. If your inclined to have tamarind on hand, by all means use it instead of lime juice. 

9. Serve over fragrant basmati rice and garnish with freshly chopped coriander.

Within 30 mins dinner is done.

Easy mango chicken curry. Easy family friendly recipes



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