Atlantic Salmon and potato salad with fresh herbs

December 07, 2018 1 Comment

As a busy mum I love preparing nourishing, tasty and substantial salads with minimum fuss.

I do encourage you to make your own mayonnaise, you know exactly the ingredients your using and can adjust to suit your taste, this is of course if time permits. Please give it a go at least once. Should you purchase ready made mayonnaise choose a quality brand no numbers and minimum ingredients.

I have shared the recipe and method previously as well as a facebook live.

If you prefer to learn visually here is the link to the video.


Click on the photo to take you directly to the recipe and method. Ideally this is what you should see on the ingredients listing on prepared store bought commercial mayonnaise.

Homemade mayonnaise. Easy to make mayonnaise. Step by step mayonnaise


Salmon and potato salad with fresh herbs.



2 pieces Atlantic salmon

4 medium potatoes ( I used brushed )

1/2 recipe of Roar Living homemade mayonnaise

Fresh herbs: parsley, dill, chives. Rough chop



1. Peel and dice potato, even size pieces cook in cold water start on medium heat until tender. Drain and gently run cold water.

2. Pick herbs and keep parsley stalks. Wash and roughly chop.

3. Cover salmon in water with parsley stalks, bring to boil, simmer 3-4 mins.

Turn off heat and allow to cool.

Poached salmon. Salmon salad. Potato salad. Roar living. Summer salads.

4. In medium size mixing bowl, place mayonnaise and add and mix half chopped herbs. 

5. Gently add and coat cooked potatoes and add a little salt and pepper.

Easy potato salad. Summer salad recipes. Step by step potato and salmon salad. Roar Living

6. Flake tail ends of salmon ( thin end ) with your fingers and into potatoes.

flaked salmon salad. Potato and salmon salad. Step by step easy salad recipe.

7. Add rest of chopped herbs and rest of flaked salmon.

Should salmon not be cooked, turn it over and poach gently just for a few minutes. Allow to cool before you continue to flake with fingers.

8. Final gently stir. Place in serving bowl and chill.




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Lizzie Mack
Lizzie Mack

May 06, 2020

That looks DELISH!! I think I could do that!! Thanks guys! xo

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