Asparagus and orange salad

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I love cooking with seasonal fresh ingredients. It's something to look forward to. Produce is at its optimum and with summer vegetables it sings out to be used with its partnered fruit.

I am sharing you with two recipes and both are vegan. Chimichurri and Asparagus, orange and hazelnut salad.

There's so many aspects I love about travelling. On a previous trip to Thailand we met the most beautiful heart centred couple, Adele and Ruben. The connection was as if we'd known each other for a lifetime. To this day we remain friends. Ruben is from Uruguay and he was informing us of his countries national loved sauce/condiment, Chimichurri. Don't you love conversations relating to food?

Chimichurri is a staple in most households in Uruguay and Argentina. It's used mostly over bbq meat. For vegans place over tofu. But don't stop there, use spoonfuls tossed through cooked pasta, potato salad, salad dressing or even as a dip.

A delightful fresh condiment packed with flavour.


The best chimichurri recipe. Vegan recipe. Easy dips. 

1x bunch coriander, washed and chopped rough

1x bunch parsley, washed and chopped rough

1/4 red onion

2-3 chillies, optional

2-3 garlic cloves

Oil of choice

Red wine vinegar, to season

Salt and pepper


BEST chimichurri recipe. Vegan dips. Bbq inspiration

Place all fresh ingredients into food processor or nutri bullet.

Add a dash of oil to get the blade moving. Add a tad more if necessary.

When all mixed through place red wine vinegar to taste.

Finally, season with salt and pepper. 

Place in jar and pop in fridge until needed.



Asparagus and Orange Salad

I did a facebook live on entire method. I am sharing the ingredients and method below the link to facebook live:



2x bunches fresh asparagus cut into batons ( 3cm ) steamed for 3-4 minutes

5-6 Oranges. segments only

Tiny handful roasted and sliced hazelnuts or your choice

Rocket and fresh parsley leaves to garnish

Oil of choice



1. Steam asparagus no longer than 4 mins

2. Take peel off oranges and in-between each membrane slice out segments. Squeeze juice once you have finished taking segments.

3. Roast and slice hazelnuts or even rough crush with knife or motor and pestle.

4. Wash and pick parsley, wash rocket.

5. Place, asparagus and orange segments into mixing bowl. Toss through with hands gently. Add nuts, some rocket and some parsley. Toss together.

6. Start plating small handfuls at a time. Place heaviest on plate first- which is asparagus and pile small handfuls.

7. With leftover orange juice just add a drizzle of oil of choice.

I served with BBQ Tomohawk and Texan steak, fed family of four.



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