Grass Roots

September 09, 2016

Sydney, growing up in the 70's experiencing & knowing that from a small seed came an abundance of herbs & varieties of vegetables that my parents grew, passed down from our  forefathers in motherland Armenia. The produce was picked as needed. By helping my mother in the kitchen, I knew as a young child that I I loved food & being in the kitchen. We cooked from pure clean & raw provisions which we refer to now as "whole foods". It wasn't until the late 80's early 90's that packets & boxes slowly made their way into the home, even then it was seldom.

Following my passion for food I worked in the food industry but chose to retire as a chef after we had our first child. Following grass roots, I grew what I could & continued to make clean wholesome food, I wanted to give the best to our child. The occasional pizza was ordered of course. The blessings of our second child gave us a healthy pigeon pair, pictured. Slowly the shelves in our pantry & fridge were being taken over by homemade preserves of all sorts, my grandmother & mother taught me well & I was always eager to gift the precious handmade delights.

Soon after our move from Sydney to the Gold Coast, my husband suggested that I sell my homemade preserves at the markets. So off I went to find a designer to do my labels. The direction was to focus on one product, thus being cordials with my brief given Loop Brands in Sydney designed our labels & branding.

What made my heart sing is the fact that I developed a product that has tied together my entire values & beliefs, my ancestral teachings, along with culture & tradition, business ethics - supporting Australian farmers & Australian suppliers and most importantly to give my children & consumers unadulterated delicious product. 

I am the little Mouse that Roared.........



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